Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C + Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream (15ml)

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare C + Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream (15ml)

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When your eyes look younger, your entire face appears more youthful. This energizing eye cream, infused with our proprietary vitamin C complex recharges skin’s battery to dramatically improve the look of tired, aging eyes.

Brighter eyes in a bottle. When this 3-O C vitamin C technology, collagen amino acids, and a unique energy complex come together in a silky smooth cream, the result is a powerful eye treatment that recharges skin’s battery to target the thinnest skin on your face. GABA instantly works on fine lines and wrinkles, ceramides strengthen and firm the delicate skin barrier, complex peptides trigger collagen production, and light reflectors blur imperfections and brighten dark circles. Visible signs of aging around the eyes that contribute to an overall tired appearance are replaced by the look of absolute radiance and light.

DIRECTIONS: Tap gently around the eye area. For AM/PM use.


  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: Most effective stabilized form of vitamin C –maintains its acidic properties to penetrate deep into the skin
  • Collagen Amino Acids: Plant-sourced collagen; smaller molecular weight amino acids which are the building blocks of peptides and proteins
  • Energy Complex: Boosts cellular metabolism and contains antioxidant properties to protect cells and enhance functions at the nucleic level

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