• Hair Loss Treatments & Styling Tips For Thinning Hair

    Posted by Jamie Beuthin


    In this video, Jamie talks about hair loss and thinning hair. For many men, this is a touchy subject and something that affects their self confidence. We want to help men feel confident in addressing their concerns head on - whether that's embracing the hair loss, fighting it, or working with it. This includes knowing what types of products can be helpful when styling your hair on a daily basis. 

    In the video, Jamie talks about some of the best hair growth / stimulating products and hair styling products on the market and how to integrate them into your routine. 

  • What Is A T-Zone?

    Posted by Patrick Levesque


    As you may or may not know, men have oilier skin than woman. In both men and women, the T-Zone is an area of your face that is prone to being oilier than the rest. It is made up of part of your forehead just above the eye brows, the nose, chin, and a bit around the mouth. 

    The reason this area is oilier is because there is a greater amount of oil glands in this area. This can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and shiny skin among other possible issues. When the T-Zone is oily, but the rest of the face is normal, this is referred to as combination skin. With any skin care routine, the idea is to balance it all out and keep it under control. Everyone's skin is different, but this can be achieved by choosing the right cleanser, moisturizer, and potentially including a toner and mask in your routine. 

    Check out this rather humorous video below by one of our brands, Baxter of California, explaining the T-Zone. 


  • Gifts Ideas For Men With A Beard

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    If you're looking for the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, look no further. We have the biggest selection of beard products in the city and one of the biggest online. 

    Below are listed some of the key beard care tools for a clean, healthy and well-groomed beard. All of the products we carry use natural, high-quality ingredients so you can feel confident in what you're purchasing. Sometimes it just comes down to the scent and the packaging and you know the person you're buying for better than we do. 


    1. Beard Wash/Shampoo: As the name implies, this will help his beard clean. A beard can accumulate and take in a lot of "stuff" throughout the day so it's important to stay on top of it. There are several scent options to choose from. 
    2. Beard ConditionerThis will help to keep your beard soft and healthy, just as a conditioner would for the hair on your head. A beard shampoo and conditioner is made specifically for your face (gentler than what you'd use on your head) and more specific to coarse beard hair. In this category, there are leave-in conditioners/creams as well as rinse out conditioners. 
    3. Beard Oil: A beard oil will help to keep your beard healthy and soft, keep the skin underneath from getting itchy and flaky, and it will also give your beard a nice finish, making  it stand out more. 
    4. Beard Balm: A beard balm helps to keep your beard soft & healthy, but also provides some control to keep your beard well-groomed and shaped. This is often in a portable size that you keep with you in your pocket or bag to apply or reapply whenever needed. 
    5. Beard Comb: This will keep the beard looking neat and tidy and will also allow you to ensure the product (oil, balm, or conditioner) is run thoroughly through the beard. These are also usually portable to keep with you throughout the day. 



    1. Beard TrimmerKeeps the beard at an even length making it very easy to keep your beard looking it's best. 
    2. Beard ScissorsGreat for snipping off those flyaway that grow fast than the rest of your beard. Also great for more precision in areas below the nose and above the lip - aka the moustache. 
    3. Moustache WaxSpeaking of moustache, the man you're buying for may wish to give the stache a little more attention and shape depending on the length. That's where this bad boy comes into play. 

    If you'd like a head start, these beard sets are a great place to start your beard kit gift. If you have any questions or would like us to build you a complete kit, don't hesitate to contact us or come visit us in the store if you're in Vancouver!



  • Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

    The beard trend has continued to grow over the past several years (pun intended) and with that, many amazing brands and products have come available.

    As they say, "With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility." I'm not sure who said that, but surely it was someone wise. A beard can change a man's look entirely and more often than not, guys will receive positive responses from pears and loved ones about their beards. That being said, a beard has to be maintained or else something that might otherwise have been a turn on for someone may not be a turn off. The beard needs to be well groomed, healthy looking, clean, and smelling fresh. Incorporated a few different products into beard maintenance is easy to do and certainly worthwhile.

    Here are some great options for gift ideas for the bearded ones in your lives: 


    A beard oil is helps to moisturize the beard hair and the skin underneath. It also helps to give the beard a healthy shine and gives the beard a more standout/groomed look. A little goes a long way so a few drops is all you need. There are several different formulations to choose from, each with its own unique scent. To be applied in the morning after showering and as needed.

    Price Range: $20 - $70 - Shop Beard Oils Here


    A beard balm will help keep the beard soft and nourished and help to tame it. A beard balm usually comes in a portable container making it easy to take along and reapply through throughout the day as needed.  As with the beard oils, there are several different formulations to choose from, each with its own unique scent. 

    Price Range: $14 - $32

    Big Red Wooden Beard Combs


     A beard comb helps him to keep his beard tamed and groomed with style and allows for an even and thorough distribution of creams & oils that he may be applying to his beard. Combs come in several unique shapes and finishes, including traditional finish combs, lasercut stainless steel and wooden combs from right here in Beautiful Britch Columbia.  

    Price Range: $15 - $115 - Shop Beard Combs Here


    A beard can collect a lot of "stuff" throughout the day, so it's important to keep it clean and healthy with something that is gentle enough for use on the face. Unique scents (or scent-free) options available. 

    Price Range: $18 - $28 - Shop Beard Shampoos Here


    Beardition Beard Conditioner Gift Idea


    Beard conditioners and creams help to keep the beard and skin underneath soft and hydrated. A conditioner is used at the sink or in the shower and rinsed out afterwards as you would a hair shampoo.  Beard cream is essentially a leave-in beard conditioner that you leave in and it will keep your beard soft and smelling fresh throughout the day. The Bluebeards Beard Saver and Bossman Beard Magic are two popular leave-in beard conditioners. 

    Price Range: $20 - $28 - Shop Beard Conditioners Here and Beard Creams Here



    Keeping your beard trimmed and groomed can be quite a task, unless you have a handy beard trimmer. These rechargeable beard trimmers allow you to get pretty particular in terms of the length that best suits you. The one with a vacuum allows you to clean as you go and has settings from 1mm - 18 mm whereas the other other one starts at 0.5mm (stubble look) and goes to 10 mm (and does not come with a vacuum). 

    Price Range: $54 - Shop Beard Trimmers Here


  • Winter Skincare & Grooming Tips For Men

    Posted by Patrick Levesque


    As the temperatures drop, it's time to step up on a few key areas of your skincare & grooming regimen. In the winter, it's a little harder to wake up because of the shorter, darker days and the thought of stepping out into the cold and/or wet is not so appealing. Furthermore, the colder/harsher weather can be tough on skin. 

    Here are a few tips to help kick start your day and protect your skin and hair from the elements this fall and winter. As with most things, prevention is key. 


    As mentioned, it may be a little harder to get up in the morning as it gets darker and colder. Invigorate your body with the best selling Jack Black Turbo Wash. Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Juniper Berry will awaken the mind and body. Don't stop there. The Ab Crew Caffeine Shampoo and Ab Crew Nitro Conditioner is a great top-down approach to have you awake and ready to tackle the day.  


    With cold weather can come dryer skin, so be sure to scrub/exfoliate dry skin to get rid of dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth - not so much flaky. This applies to your body and your face and should be done a few times a week. For the face, it's always ideal to exfoliate right before you shave to prepare your skin for the shave. It gets rid of excess oil, dry skin, etc. that can clog the razor and cause irritation. Two of my personal favourite scrubs for the face include the Urth Face Scrub and the Portland General Store Face Bomb, but you can explore many others here. For options for the body, click here


    The cold weather is hard on your skin so although moisturizing is key year-round, it's especially important in the winter. Furthermore, with all of the holiday parties, for many the alcohol consumption goes up which means so does dehydration. Keep your skin from head-to-toe moisturized - this includes: face, lips, beard, hair and body. You can lose moisture fast once you get out of the shower, so this is one of the best times to moisturize. Of course you can moisturize as needed throughout the day and evening as well.  Explore the selection of face moisturizers here and body moisturizers here


    In the winter, you obviously spend more time indoors with family and friends so you might as well get cozy and enjoy it. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with a soothing, aromatic  candle. Scent can invoke positive feelings and create a memorable experience for guests. Check out the many unique candles/scents here


    Choose your signature scent for the season. You're likely going to be attending a lot of holiday parties and your scent can have a big impact on the people you meet - make it a positive impact and feel your best with these very exclusive and unique scents. Find them here


    With less sunlight comes less Vitamin D. Get your dose of D with the Glow Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross and as part of your daily multivitamin from the Menscience Multivitamin