An Easy To Follow Skincare Routine For Men

We understand that with all of the products and brands available in men's skincare today, it's overwhelming to know where to start when if you don't a routine to follow. In the following video, Jamie talks about a great easy to follow / effective routine that you can build onto. 

A simple routine consists of a cleanser (face wash) and moisturizer (lotion) twice a day. That's a good place to start. Add a toner into the mix if you have oily skin or just want your pores and skin to be extra clean. Finally, a scrub (exfoliant) should ideally be used a few times a week. We also recommend using an eye cream or gel to protect and treat the under eye area, which is much more sensitive than the rest of your face.

Check out the flow below to further understand how this simple routine would work. The under eye product would be applied before or after the moisturizer step. You moisturize your face everywhere except the under eye. Instead for the under eye area you will use the specialized under eye product.