Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

The beard trend has continued to grow over the past several years (pun intended) and with that, many amazing brands and products have come available.

As they say, "With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibility." I'm not sure who said that, but surely it was someone wise. A beard can change a man's look entirely and more often than not, guys will receive positive responses from pears and loved ones about their beards. That being said, a beard has to be maintained or else something that might otherwise have been a turn on for someone may not be a turn off. The beard needs to be well groomed, healthy looking, clean, and smelling fresh. Incorporated a few different products into beard maintenance is easy to do and certainly worthwhile.

Here are some great options for gift ideas for the bearded ones in your lives: 


A beard oil is helps to moisturize the beard hair and the skin underneath. It also helps to give the beard a healthy shine and gives the beard a more standout/groomed look. A little goes a long way so a few drops is all you need. There are several different formulations to choose from, each with its own unique scent. To be applied in the morning after showering and as needed.

Price Range: $20 - $70 - Shop Beard Oils Here


A beard balm will help keep the beard soft and nourished and help to tame it. A beard balm usually comes in a portable container making it easy to take along and reapply through throughout the day as needed.  As with the beard oils, there are several different formulations to choose from, each with its own unique scent. 

Price Range: $14 - $32

Big Red Wooden Beard Combs


 A beard comb helps him to keep his beard tamed and groomed with style and allows for an even and thorough distribution of creams & oils that he may be applying to his beard. Combs come in several unique shapes and finishes, including traditional finish combs, lasercut stainless steel and wooden combs from right here in Beautiful Britch Columbia.  

Price Range: $15 - $115 - Shop Beard Combs Here


A beard can collect a lot of "stuff" throughout the day, so it's important to keep it clean and healthy with something that is gentle enough for use on the face. Unique scents (or scent-free) options available. 

Price Range: $18 - $28 - Shop Beard Shampoos Here


Beardition Beard Conditioner Gift Idea


Beard conditioners and creams help to keep the beard and skin underneath soft and hydrated. A conditioner is used at the sink or in the shower and rinsed out afterwards as you would a hair shampoo.  Beard cream is essentially a leave-in beard conditioner that you leave in and it will keep your beard soft and smelling fresh throughout the day. The Bluebeards Beard Saver and Bossman Beard Magic are two popular leave-in beard conditioners. 

Price Range: $20 - $28 - Shop Beard Conditioners Here and Beard Creams Here



Keeping your beard trimmed and groomed can be quite a task, unless you have a handy beard trimmer. These rechargeable beard trimmers allow you to get pretty particular in terms of the length that best suits you. The one with a vacuum allows you to clean as you go and has settings from 1mm - 18 mm whereas the other other one starts at 0.5mm (stubble look) and goes to 10 mm (and does not come with a vacuum). 

Price Range: $54 - Shop Beard Trimmers Here