Masc Founders Photographed by Local Fashion Guru

Rafael Escobar is the man behind a blog called "Frock of Ages" where he photographs people's "street fashion, the everyday person wearing clothes that 'real' people wear and buy." 
He happened to come by the store and photographed Patrick & Jamie in their summer Masc uniforms. Here's what he had to say in each of the two postings: 
Patrick's Post (article here): 
"Here's a great way to dress professional while wearing shorts. It's still pretty warm in the afternoon so this appropriate outfit for work was justified. (I believe he's the owner anyway). Short sleeved fitted collared shirt and grey skinny tie with grey sneakers voiced his personality, cool and casual. Nice guy and very informative." 
Jamie's Post (article here): 
 "Meet Jamie, also an owner of Masc on 433 Davie Street @ Homer. They are in the men's grooming industry and carry lines from all over the world. A very aesthetic and clean store. Like walking into a burst of freshness. For those men who care about their skin, which they should, go and visit this fantastic store. They are well informed, friendly, non pretentious men who are sure to improve your grooming habits. His outfit is actually a uniform they chose which I think is great. Very fashion forward." 
Thanks, Rafael!