• Men's Style Trends For 2017

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    With a new year comes new predictions for style trends for men. Some things evolve, some things change, and some things stay the same. 

    Business Insider recently revealed their predictions for the men's style trends this year and we have compiled a bit of a summary of some of their key predictions: 

    • Formal: Suits will continue to have more colours and patterns + Tuxedos and other mid-century trends will become more commonplace in formal events
    • Casual: Black & white is taking over - little to no colour in casual wear
    • Athleisure: Versatile clothes for inside and outside of the gym is not going away any time soon. New fabrics to create new looks. 
    • Denim: No longer a thing. It has slowly lost it's role as the casual pant and is now seen as old fashioned. Men will opt for the various new options for casual pants (pants will also become more stretchy) 
    • Sneakers: These will continue to be very popular in 2017, just as they were in a big way in 2016
    • Hair: Will get long, less weighed down AND there will be less of the faded cuts and more of textured cuts with scissors
    • Facial Hair: There will be less longer beards and more trimmed stubble beards 

    To read the full article, click here

    Seems like overall, it's a more cleaned up / grown-up style trend for the upcoming year. We're into it! 

    Header Photo: Jamie Dornan in GQ

  • Vegan Skincare & Grooming For Men

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    Veganism is becoming increasingly mainstream as more people make themselves aware of the exploitation and abuse of animals. Most people become vegan for this reason, and on their journey discover that there are many other reasons for becoming vegan, ranging from environmental benefits to reducing world hunger. They also discover that we don't yet live in a world where veganism is the norm, and as a result vegan products can be hard to find. 

    Although none of our brands test their products on animals, not all are vegan because some contain animal derived ingredients. The products in this category, however, are vegan and contain no animal derived ingredients.

    Find them here!
  • The Beard Trend Affects Procter & Gambles Bottom Line

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    That Daily Mail heading definitely caught my attention! Of course here at MASC we've definitely noticed a huge trend with beards and the stubble-look over the last year and it's fascinating to see it quantified in Procter & Gamble's report. 

    The company's chief financial officer Jon Moeller said that the growing popularity of the three-day stubble look in established markets such as America had hit sales of Gillette razors and shaving cream and Braun electric razors. 

    Moeller hoped to take advantage of the growing trend for 'manscaping'. He told AFP: 'While the incidence of facial shaving is somewhat down, the incidence of body shaving is up, and we can take advantage of that and plan to do that as well.' 

    Luckily at MASC, we now have quite an extensive beard care category that continues to grow. Products include Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner, Beard Cream, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Combs, Beard Trimmers and Mustache Wax. 

    In addition, we also have Body Grooming products as well so you can keep your body hair under control. 
    It's all about maintenance - for both your beard and your body!
  • GLEE's Darren Criss: His Morning Routine Features Four Products Available At MASC

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    Glee's Darren Criss recently shared his morning skincare and grooming routine with GQ Magazine and the routine featured four products that you can find at MASC. "I'm putting [makeup] on my face, dancing around sweating and getting oily, and it's all under HD cameras, which is probably the most unflattering thing you can do." 

    Find out what products he uses (that are available at MASC) and why he likes them below!  
    THE FACE: "Urth is a fantastic company, I use their face wash in the morning and before bed. It helps get off all the caked-on makeup we wear for the show. They also have this great antioxidant moisturizer with Vitamin E and other natural ingredients. There's no fragrance in it so, it doesn't have that fake manly scent." 

    THE SHAVE: "All of us pushing 30 on the show still have to look like teens, so we're clean-shaven every day, which is terrible for your skin—you're just hacking up your face. I'll exfoliate first... and then build up a lather with an Imperial bar of soap." 

    THE BODY: "Men are the smelliest creatures—we need to give a shit about how we smell... And any sort of result-oriented grooming enthusiast should try the Shearers Soap from Triumph and Disaster. It's like bathing with a rock and mud, a very manly experience." 
    I wonder if he sings while he's getting ready... Thanks for sharing your routine, Darren!
  • Vancouver: Tough Mudder Training Program

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    Probably the toughest event on the planet is hitting Whistler this June 22nd and 23rd - Are you ready for the challenge?Our friends at West Coast Fitness' have just announced intensive 11 week, fast track to surviving the Tough Mudder outdoor training program beginning Saturday April 6th! 


    Each week you will be put through an hour and a half of Endurance Training, Trail Running, Team Building Activities, Body Weight and Resistance training, hosted by certified West Coast Fitness training professionals. Sessions will be held between 11:00am-1:00pm. 
    A variety of locations throughout Vancouver and North Vancouver will be used - Rain, Hail or Shine. Not tough enough? You'll also be given a take home Toughen Up outdoor training program to perform throughout the week! 

    Gain the Nutritional Guidance of our Team Holistic Nutritionist and an inside edge with a exclusive Tough Mudder approved menu items at Score on Davie! 


    ($10/session) DROP IN - $15 

    Get on the roster or for more information Contact us TODAY! 778-997-1890 

    WCF is teaming up with Score on Davie to build our team. They're looking for amazing people to get on board. Is that you?... Here are the pre-requisites: 

    1. You like a REAL challenge 
    2. You believe it's more fun to work as a team, than by yourself 
    3. You have a great work ethic 
    4. You're willing to exercise for at least one month (hopefully more!) before the event happens. 
    5. You're a super amazing person! 

    If that's you, than here is what you need to do to join the West Coast Fitness/Score on Davie team: 

    1. Click on this link: https://register.toughmudder.com/register/groups/jointeam.aspx?event=16177 
    2. Click on "Join an existing team" 
    3. Search for Score on Davie/West Coast Fitness 
    4. Enter the team password: score99 
    5. Follow the directions to finalize your registration