Jack Black's Hair Pomade is Back!

In this Masc Minute, Jamie talks about the return of the Jack Black High Definition Hair Pomade. With Mango Butter, Shea Butter and Lavender Winner of the Men's Health magazine award for "Best Pomade," this superior, natural formula provides texture, definition and separation. Offers the perfect amount of pliable control, so hair stays put all day without stiffness or heavy build-up. Can be used on wet or dry hair for a wide range effects. Ideal for choppy, separated styling with short hair, or sleek slicked-back look for long hair. Provides superior anti-frizz benefits. Washes easily from hair. Fragrance-Free. Colorant-Free. Alcohol-Free. 
What's in it? 
Mango butter and shea butter are natural moisturizers that help hydrate hair while producing a pliable, textured styling effect. Allows product to glide smoothly through hair during application. Lanolin penetrates and smoothes the hair shaft to tame and control frizzy or wavy hair. High-quality, refined beeswax provides excellent hold and control with conditioning properties. Sunflower oil, a lightweight, natural oil, provides superior conditioning and a lustrous, semi-gloss finish.