5 Products You Should Keep At Your Desk

Often times we spend so much time at work that it makes sense to really make yourself at home and keep a few things at your desk that will help you to look and feel your best throughout the day. 
Perhaps it is that your face feels oily after lunch or your breath isn't so fresh for that afternoon meeting. There's no harm in ensuring you're well equipped to keep plowing through the day without any distractions. Here are a few recommendations: 

Toner Pads / Toner Mist 

Many people find that their face feels oily after the midday mark. Rather than splashing cold water on your face (which will end up making your face dry), a toner or acne pad will help: cleanse skin of dirt, oils and acne-causing bacteria as well as freshen and calm the skin. A toner mist is also an alternative, helping to revitalize and invigorate your skin while it hydrates, tones & balances. Your thirsty face will drink it right up! 

Hand Cream 

Regardless of your job, you're likely using your hands a lot and your desk or work station is probably the best place to keep a hand cream because you're more likely to remember to use it if it's sitting right in front of you. The result will be healthy, smooth hands that people will be eager to shake. Shop Hand Creams!

Lip Balm 

If your lip balm or moisturizer isn't in your pocket at all times like it is mine, you should keep it at your desk. Your lips can very easily become dry or chapped regardless of the season so you have to be sure to stay on top of it. Chapped lips can be uncomfortable, painful, annoying and not so pleasant to look at either. Not to mention if you plan on kissing anyone (at home of course), that's another story.Shop Lip Balms!

Breath Mints 

Uh-oh. You just had a caesar salad for lunch and your breath smells like garlic! Not to worry because if you have Eat Whatever at your desk, it will combat the bad breath from the inside out and it's as easy as Suck & Swallow. Shop Breath Mints!

On The Go Teeth Whitening 

Chances are that you drink coffee or some other teeth yellowing liquid. You probably also don't keep a tooth brush and toothpaste at work. That's why the Quickee from Supersmile is just the perfect solution. Quikee is perfect for stain removing, cavitee & plaque fighting, and breath freshening when you're on the go. Shop On The Go Teeth Whitening!