Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash (500ml)

Triumph & Disaster YLF Wash (500ml)

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Despite our best efforts we are forced to acknowledge that in today’s world time is scarce and speed often the order of the moment, so we get what we have right here, which is YLF. 

Built the way we want it, which is the way you will have it; rich in Rosewood oil, Argan oil, Vitamin E, Marine collagen and Kawakawa extract. YLF is a genuine ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ for modern man, with a pleasant, slightly medicinal hit on the nose, it is a wash for those with too little time and too much to get done. 

5 Things 

When they designed YLF they asked themselves what should the perfect wash actually do, the answer, five things: 

  1. It should cleanse the skin and if necessary the hair (without harsh chemicals); Meet coconut and vegetable extracts, natural foaming agents combined with Marine collagen to provide a superb gentle cleanse.
  2. It should hydrate the skin; We utilize the smoothing and hydrating effects of Argan oil and Marine collagen.
  3. It should smell great - but not be too strong or overpowering, because you are in the shower not a car wash. We use the aroma of Rosewood.
  4. It should be nutrient rich and cover the surface of your skin with essential oils and minerals – See Argan oil, Rosewood oil, Vitamin E and Kawakawa leaf extract.
  5. Finally it should leave you feeling balanced and supreme. Step up our old friend Jojoba, that little Mexican wax ester and the closest thing in nature to our own skin oil that nature has produced, always working to keep your skin balanced and conditioned. YLF actively protects the skin’s natural lipid balance and avoids stripping the skin of its moisture and nutrients.

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