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Menscience Travel Kit

Menscience Travel Kit

Price: $108.00
The most complete and advanced men's travel kit. A full regimen (shave, aftershave, cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm and more) includes ten professional-grade products for visible results that cover all of your skincare and grooming needs during short or long trips. 


Packaged in our stylish Personal Travel Bag and complemented with extras like sleep mask, earplugs and free samples TSA Compliant: All liquid products are under three ounces and fit comfortably in a one-quart zip-top plastic bag (included) 

  • Advanced Shave Formula - 2 oz 
  • Daily Face Wash - 2 fl oz 
  • Advanced Face Lotion - 2 fl oz 
  • Post-Shave Repair - 2 fl oz 
  • Daily Shampoo - 2 fl oz 
  • Advanced Deodorant - 2.6 oz 
  • Advanced Lip Protection - 0.5 oz 
  • Night Sleep Mask 
  • Advanced Ear Plugs 
  • Personal Travel Bag

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