Menscience Acne Spot Repair (21g)

Menscience Acne Spot Repair (21g)

Price: $29.00
A prescription-grade acne treatment that rapidly eliminates acne breakouts and helps repair blemished skin with the highest concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) and soothing, repairing ingredients like Green Tea, Allantoin, Urea and Vitamin E. The fast-absorbing, invisible application targets existing acne and reduces inflammation and redness, while providing immediate visible results. 

  • Utilizes the most effective prescription-grade acne medicine to eliminate breakouts in 24-48 hours 
  • Helps diminish redness and inflammation associated with acne 
  • Heals and repairs acne-stressed skin 
  • Rinses away fast and clean. Softens and hydrates for healthy skin

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