Lock Stock & Barrel Reconstruct Protein Shampoo (Size Options)

Lock Stock & Barrel Reconstruct Protein Shampoo (Size Options)

Price: $20.00
Formulated for men with fine, thinning, limp or lifeless looking hair and hair that lacks volume and controllability.

150MW - 125,000MW Protein Infusion

  • How It Works: Unique and luxurious cleansing formula utilises a complex blend of highly specialised proteins enriched with Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to infuse into the hair cuticle to help build inner strength and volume whilst providing gentle cleansing. The smaller proteins present penetrate the inner layers of the hair replacing vital proteins lost, whilst the larger proteins present within the complex help to inflate the outer layers of the hair cuticle imparting greater body to each hair strand.
  • Results: Gives visibly thicker, fuller and healthier hair from the very first wash. With further usage the hair will become noticeably stronger and more manageable giving greater volume and height.

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