Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream (60ml)

Hanz de Fuko Scheme Cream (60ml)

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Hanz de Fuko’s very first formulation. This lightweight, medium-hold cream will give your hair the perfect amount of shine without greasiness.


This water soluble formula contains a combination of beeswax, plant derived oils and extracts that will make your hair feel as good as it looks:

  • Sesame Seed Oil: Conditions and acts as a barrier against the elements.
  • Burdock Root: Rich in essential fatty acids, known to promote hair growth.
  • Green Tea Extract: Helps tone the scalp.
  • Eucalyptus Oil: Prevents and controls dandruff.

HOW TO USE Apply to dry hair for classic, finger combed looks with light shine, or apply to damp hair for a controlled, just out-of-the-shower look. 

Hanz De Fuko

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