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Evo Normal Persons Conditioner (300ml)

Evo Normal Persons Conditioner (300ml)

Price: $34.00
Normal Persons Conditioner is for those short-tall-skinny-fat-slow-fast-rugby-playing accountants, and any other normal souls who don't fit this definition, normal persons conditioner is the one for you. 

This conditioner is a light combination of conditioning agents, protein and an anti-sebum agent to give you a healthy, oil-free coat and scalp. Like the United Nations in a bottle, without the confusing, well-numbered resolutions, this conditioner is for the everyday, normal person... who's normal then? 

This product is a light, daily conditioner combining moisturizers, protein, and an anti-sebum agent as well as scalp stimulating ingredients. The conditioner will result in  healthy, oil-free hair

Recommended for normal to oily hair

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