Bluebeards Original Unscented Beard Saver (118.3ml)

Bluebeards Original Unscented Beard Saver (118.3ml)

Price: $35.00
The  famous Beard Saver, stripped down to its bare essentials. 

Leave in all day to control and moisturize your beard. Adds shine and softness to the coarsest hair. 
This daily skin and facial hair lotion acts as an outstanding anti-itch and conditioner for new growth. And for the established beard, just a dab rubbed throughout the facial hair, from root to tip, will manage even the most unruly facial hair. Great for both your scruff and your skin. 

  • Aloe: Softens and soothes your facial hair and skin
  • Shea butter and almond oil: Moisturizes gently
  • No parabens, sulfates, fragrances or artificial colors

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