Bluebeards Original Triple Mint Beard Kit Trio

Bluebeards Original Triple Mint Beard Kit Trio

Price: $77.00

The Fresh Mint beard care set has everything you need to clean, moisturize and condition your beard. The products in these men’s beard grooming kits contain real peppermint oil to wake up tired skin and add shine to facial hair. A great beard gift set. Each Fresh Mint Beard Trio contains a full size Mint Beard Save, Fresh Mint Beard Wash and Fresh Mint Conditioner.  

Step 1: WASH with Fresh Mint Beard Wash (8 oz extra-conditioning): This Fresh Mint Beard Wash uses cool soothing Peppermint to awaken skin and add shine to dull facial hair. Amino acids lock in moisture and condition the beard.

Step 2: CONDITION with Fresh Mint Beard Conditioner (8 oz): A rich daily wash-out conditioner. Adds shine to dull hair with brisk Peppermint. Burdock and Fenugreek extracts nourish your beard and skin.

Step 3: MOISTURIZE DAILY with Fresh Mint Beard Saver (4 oz): The famous Beard Saver, in a brisk mint scent. Adds shine and softness to the coarsest hair. Great for both your scruff and your skin. Real peppermint oil; artificial fragrance free.