Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin! Summer time is here! While that means many reasons to be excited for the warmer temperatures, there are a few downsides as sun exposure, wind and dry air can wreak havoc on your skin. Taking care of your skin is not just for women these days and men want to keep great skin as they age as well! 

Here are a few tips to keep your skin in tiptop condition this summer season: 

1. Wash your face with a facial cleanser (that’s right for your skin type) TWICE a day! Once in the morning to start the day fresh and clean, then again at night to rinse away dirt and oil that could have built up from the day! 

2. Moisturize the right way! Choosing the correct moisturizer in the summer is key to happy skin. When choosing a moisturizer, go with something lighter than you might use in the colder months. By doing this, your face will not be overwhelmed with more moisture than it needs and will not make you look like an oil slick by midday!

3. Weekly skin care! Use a mask or a scrub to help clear any congestion or build up that may happen. Your skin will go into overtime in the hotter months to try and regulate the sebum so a deep cleanse once or twice a week will help prevent breakouts and congestion!  

4. Sunscreen! This is important throughout the year but especially important in the summertime. Whenever you are going to be exposed to the sun apply a sunscreen head to toe (try and use an SPF of 15 or higher for the best protection). Remember to reapply if you play sports or are in the water!

5. WATER! Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, Water flushes your body of toxins and is the key to keeping skin clear!