Masc Introduces Nickel Serious Skincare For Men

We are pleased to introduce our newest brand, Nickel to our extensive assortment of products. This results-based brand comes all the way from Paris, France. Bienvenue! What originated in a spa is now full range of products available in selection locations globally. Their products address everything from skin dehydration, wrinkles, and clogged pores to pale, tired, or irritated skin. In addition to their core line of products, they've also recently introduced Nickel Bio Green Boost. A certified organic 3-step anti-fatigue ritual that consists of an Energizing Facial Scrub, Facial Moisturizer, and Eye Concentrate. For this post, Ill be focusing on their core line and Ill touch upon the Nickel Bio Green Boost products the future.
The Morning After Rescue, for example, has become an essential for party-goers all over the world. They refer to it as a "shock treatment" for those mornings when waking up is tough - we all know what those are like. With natural wheat-based proteins, it helps your skin to regains it's radiance and softness and other ingredients help to stretch and firm the skin. The product also has caffeine and menthol-enriched unfrosted coffee complex which helps to reactive and reenergize your skin's natural process. When one of our customers saw us unpacking this product when it arrived, he literally bought two of them at once since he been without it for over a year.
There are also two "Le Grand Bluff" products, which I interpret to be your secret weapons that help you achieve the image you desire. It's your little secret. The first is Le Grand Bluff Self Tanner which helps you achieve the "golden boy look" or whatever you want to call it. The product gives you a natural tan without looking streaky, orange, or like someone from Jersey Shore. The other product is Le Grand Bluff Skin Perfector. In essence, this is almost like a concealer that helps to even out your skin tone, minimize the appearance of large pores, etc. It's a very subtle way to help you to achieve a healthy, flawless look. Again, it's your little secret and easily blends into your skin.
Another great product is the Super Speed Moisture. This is for someone that has some seriously thirsty skin and needs something that can act fast! Because of the specially formulated ultra-melting gel texture, it's 3x faster than a classic cream. It's jam-packed with watermelon extract, vitamins, proteins, lips, helping to bring comfort and moisture to your skin - fast. The other great thing about this product is that it has water resistant agents, making it ideal for use before or during physical activity.
There are two basic moisturizers, one for darker complexions and the other for lighter complexions. They call the moisturizers "Bonne Guele" Moisturizers, either for lighter or darker complexions. The reason they offer two different ones is because darker complexions tend to have to deal more with oilier skin, discolorations, and blotches unique to their skin type. Lighter complexions tend to face drier skin, redness, dehydration, and itching.
The last product I want to touch upon is the Eye Contour Lift. This product addresses bags and dark circles which we all want to do without. The natural wheat and soy proteins tighten limp skin and their special moisturizing complex helps to address the unsightly ring around the eye we don't want to see. I love the light consistency of the product and how it is easy to dispense a tiny amount at a time. After all, you don't need a lot of product in the under eye area during each use.