LS&B Launches Three New Styling Force Products

Three new Lock Stock & Barrel protein-infused styling force products have just arrived at MASC to help help you get locked & loaded for the fall season. With so many special events around the corner, you're going to want to be looking your best. 

LS&B already have a huge following at MASC as their products truly perform and deliver the results they promise. Now, the London-based hair company has done it again with three new exciting products that include: 

    • PREPTONIC - Prep and Style Thickening Tonic (3 - Medium Hold)
    • FLAT MATTE - Hair Thickening + Matte Fixing Lotion (4 - Strong Hold)
    • GROOMING GEL - Hair Thickening + Ultra Hold Gel (5 - Ultra Hold)
To learn more about each of the products and which one is right for you, or discover other LS&B styling aids, click here