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  • Hair Loss Treatments & Styling Tips For Thinning Hair

    Posted by Jamie Beuthin


    In this video, Jamie talks about hair loss and thinning hair. For many men, this is a touchy subject and something that affects their self confidence. We want to help men feel confident in addressing their concerns head on - whether that's embracing the hair loss, fighting it, or working with it. This includes knowing what types of products can be helpful when styling your hair on a daily basis. 

    In the video, Jamie talks about some of the best hair growth / stimulating products and hair styling products on the market and how to integrate them into your routine. 

  • Get A Grip On The Gripper

    Posted by Patrick Levesque

    In this MASC Minute, Jamie talks about the latest addition to the Hairbond UK family: Gripper.  This pomade works well on coarse and thick hair to provide strong hold and elevation. Not only does it work very well but it also smells incredible (as do all Hairbond products). 

    If you apply it to towel dry hair you will achieve a lower hold with higher shine, whereas if you apply it to blow dry hair you will achieve a stronger hold with lower shine. 

    Watch Jamie apply it to his hair in the video below: 

  • Introducing New Volumatte Hair Volumising Powder!

    Posted by Patrick Levesque
    Here are some of the key benefits of the product: 
    • Contains advanced proteins to build strength and volume
    • Gives gravity defying lift and powerful suspension
    • Gives an ultra matte texture and invisible hold
    • Leaves hair looking thicker and fuller 
    • Can be used alone for complete styling or works well with any Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming styling product
    • Washes out easily with a cleanser