Shaving Creams & Gels: What's The Difference?

A few weeks ago, Jamie and Patrick were on CTV Morning Live to talk about the difference a quality shaving cream or gel can make and the various options that are available today. Each brand/product has its own unique qualities and benefits. 
One of the brands that was discussed was Geo F. Trumper. This shaving cream is very dense and generates a very good lather. As a result, a little goes a long way and it lasts you a long time. A dense shaving cream such as this is particularly beneficial when you're using a safety razor. You really want to make sure your face is protected as those blades are quite sharp. There are various scents to choose from so you can either find the one you love best, or switch it up every now and then. Another brand that was featured was eShave. Although a different consistency, its the same where a little goes a long way and again, various scents to choose from. Both of these creams work very well with a brush because they generate a great lather and are available in jars. Another great cream that was discussed was Urth Shave Formula, but you can check out a vast selection of shaving creams here. 
Another cream discussed was in a category of its own and that's the Shavestick from Menskin. Yes, this is shaving cream on a stick and it works really well. Applying the stick to a wet face starts the lather on contact. It's great for someone who travels because it's small, compact, and fast. 
There are creams that don't lather which some might prefer - especially if you have sensitive skin. Menscience Advanced Shave Formulaand (Malin+Goetz) Vitamin E Shaving Cream are two examples. 
Moving on from creams, shaving gels were also discussed. This is a shaving product that goes on relatively clear (no lather) so you can see where you are shaving. This is particularly beneficial to people who like to keep a bit of facial hair. That way they can see where they've shaved and maintain lines with more ease. Popular shaving gels include Jack Black Beard Lube, Recipe For Men Clear Shaving Gel, and Anthony Logistics Shave Gel just to name a few. 
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