Elevated Scents, Made In Vancouver
Elevated Scents, Made In Vancouver




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Supply The Single Edge Pro - Classic Matte
  • $118.00
Supply The Single Edge SE - Classic Matte
  • $80.00
Triumph & Disaster The Doctor Beard Balm (65g)
  • $38.00
Triumph & Disaster Johnny B Beard Oil (40ml)
  • $33.00
Triumph & Disaster Noble Endeavour Beard Wash (150ml)
  • $38.00
Fulton & Roark Limited Reserve No.13 Solid Cologne: Lost Man (0.2oz)
  • $75.00
Supply Single Edge Pro Stand - Classic Matte
  • $35.00
DS Laboratories Advanced Hyaluronic Booster (30ml)
  • $70.00

Life is a constant work in progress.

Or at least that's how we see it. Men all over the world are working to be better versions of themselves. To us, that's inspiring and should be celebrated. Because the work is not only happening on the outside, with daily skincare and grooming routines, it's also happening on the inside, with self growth and reflection. By offering men the best skincare and grooming products, tools and information, MASC is at the starting point of every man's personal and lifelong journey of self improvement that goes beyond outward appearances. When you look and feel your best, you're better equipped to take on the many new challenges of today's world and make a real difference. After all, real change often begins with the man in the mirror.


We are fuelled by happy customers and love when our customers share their experiences with us!

Ordered online. The shipping was super fast, communication was excellent, great product selection at reasonable prices and attractive website. Very happy to have discovered them and will be ordering in the future for sure.

Stephen S.

Awesome products you can't find in regular stores and awesome service. The guys are helpful and knowledgeable and definitely will be a repeat customer!

Kent S.

MASC is THE BEST PLACE EVER. I have never ever had any bad experience with them. They are the benchmark to all other companies. Easy to do business with, excellent products that no regular stores offer, samples all the time, rewards program, always fast shipment. Even when CP was on strike - 3 days and i got my package. I am glad I discovered them and can't recommend enough.

Tony W.

My go-to spot for men's grooming and skincare products. Always great advice and product knowledge from Patrick and Jamie when inquiring into brands they carry. Forever a customer!Review or testimonial text

James S.

I was in town for the weekend & decided to stop in to refill some of my skincare supplies instead of the online order I normally do. There's such an extensive selection & customer service is top notch as Jamie knows his stuff.
He even knew who I was despite this being my first time in the physical store!

Eddie M.


Everything you see on shopmasc.com is also available in our flagship store, MASC - located in Yaletown in downtown Vancouver.


Jamie and Patrick bringing you the best in men's skincare & grooming since 2007.

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