Shout Out From Kilbnation!

Recently, fitness model and athlete Justin Kilb of Kilbnation sent us a photo with some of his favourite products from MASC and this amazing testimonial: 

"Massive shoutout to @shopmasc for keeping my skin zit free the passed couple months! I've received a lot of emails concerningacne control, obviously I'm not a dermatologist (haha) though you're going to need a comfortable face wash paired with a hydrating lotion (as the face wash will dry your skin forcing your body to compensate with more oil, not good). I use Malin & Goetz(the grapefruit face wash is godly smelling) & Bulldog's moisturizer (though they carry a wide range of companies & products). I'm careful not to blast you guys with advertising though this company definitely deserves a feature! #kilbnation"

Thanks again for the shout out, Justin! You can learn more about him and get some of his fitness and nutrition advice here: