Jordan Harvey: October MASCed Man of the Month

What is the MASCed MAN campaign all about? 

We want to shine the spotlight on some familiar faces and highlight the success they've had in their careers, in addition to sharing their thoughts on how skin care and grooming fits into their daily regimens. 

As they say, "Confidence breeds success" and at MASC, we strive to provide you the tools and information necessary to maintain a healthy and well-groomed appearance in a simple, no-fuss manner. By doing so, it'll give you that little extra boost to help you to better tackle the day-to-day challenges in your busy lives and achieve the goals you've set for yourself.  

Meet Jordan Harvey

We're excited to introduced you to our first ever "MASCED MAN of the MONTH," Jordan Harvey from the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Harvey is 29 years old and plays Left Back for the team. He's originally from California but since joining the Whitecaps, he and his equally talented girlfriend, singer Kimberly Caldwell, have relocated to Vancouver, BC. Learn a little more about Jordan Harvey below! 
How long have you been playing soccer? 
I've been playing soccer since I was five years old and professionally since I was twenty one. I joined the Whitecaps in 2011. 
What do you like most about living in Vancouver? 
Being outdoors in the summertime. From naps on the beach to riding my's hard to stay inside when there is so much to offer here in Vancouver. 
What do you like to do for fun when you're not training or playing soccer? 
You will usually find me skateboarding on the Seawall or paddle boarding in English Bay. 

What is your morning skincare / grooming routine?
I wake up and wash my face with Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser and their Vitamin E Face Moisturizer. I also like to use Urth Face Scrub in the shower. For a little extra help, I will use Dr. Dennis Gross Age Erase under my eyes.
When did you start getting into skincare and why?
My mom and sister gifted me some male skincare products for Christmas a few years ago and then I was hooked. You will rarely see me clean shaven but I still like to take care of myself especially now that I'm approaching my 30s.
What is your favourite MASC product? 

Who takes longer to get ready - you or Kim?
She would say me and I would say her for sure. I take longer to get into bed and she takes longer to get out the door.
What types of products do you take with you on the road?
I usually take my entire daily routine with me on the road because I'm traveling constantly for games.
Do you have a particular diet/eating plan you follow? 

Every morning I have eggs, wheat toast, and a strawberry/pineapple smoothie plus a coffee to go. For lunch a turkey or ham sandwich and for dinner whatever my girlfriend cooks which is normally healthy. Fish and rice or chicken and veggies but I would have tacos every night if I could. Every once in a while I will slip up and have a pizza day. In the off-season I keep active daily but definitely take advantage of being around my family's cooking during the holidays.

Do you have any pre or post game rituals?
I am a routine kind of guy so I like to wake up early and eat healthy so I can squeeze in a quick nap before I put my suit on to get out the door. Of course post game always depends on the outcome of the game. 
Huge thank you to MASC for the support and for taking good care of me. - Jordan