Founded in 2014, Always Bearded is a Canadian line of all-natural, handmade top-quality beard care products made in small batches. Sven Hansen, the founder of Always Bearded, noticed that his skin became dry, itchy, and uncomfortable while trying to grow his beard, but was unable to find any beard grooming kits that satisfied his needs. With a resolve to create exceptional men’s grooming products, Hansen developed the Always Bearded Lifestyle™ line of products. Whether you’re looking for a wonderfully scented beard cream or a combination of beard shampoo and conditioner, Always Bearded has the beard grooming products you’ve been looking for.

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Always Bearded Beard Shampoo + Conditioner (120ml) - Options
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 6 ratings
  • $25.00
Always Bearded Beard Bandana, Black/White
  • $26.00
Always Bearded Beard Tarp V2 - Black Pique (Size Options)
  • From $35.00
Always Bearded Face Mask Refreshening Spray (60ml)
  • $10.00
Beard Saber Heat Protectant Spray (60ml)
  • $20.00