Men's Style Trends For 2017

With a new year comes new predictions for style trends for men. Some things evolve, some things change, and some things stay the same. 

Business Insider recently revealed their predictions for the men's style trends this year and we have compiled a bit of a summary of some of their key predictions: 

  • Formal: Suits will continue to have more colours and patterns + Tuxedos and other mid-century trends will become more commonplace in formal events
  • Casual: Black & white is taking over - little to no colour in casual wear
  • Athleisure: Versatile clothes for inside and outside of the gym is not going away any time soon. New fabrics to create new looks. 
  • Denim: No longer a thing. It has slowly lost it's role as the casual pant and is now seen as old fashioned. Men will opt for the various new options for casual pants (pants will also become more stretchy) 
  • Sneakers: These will continue to be very popular in 2017, just as they were in a big way in 2016
  • Hair: Will get long, less weighed down AND there will be less of the faded cuts and more of textured cuts with scissors
  • Facial Hair: There will be less longer beards and more trimmed stubble beards 

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Seems like overall, it's a more cleaned up / grown-up style trend for the upcoming year. We're into it! 

Header Photo: Jamie Dornan in GQ