Shaving Your Own Head

In this Masc Minute, Patrick shows you how easily you can shave your own head with the use of the awesome QC5170 Hair Clipper fromPhilips.
Whether you've been shaving your head just for the summer months or because it's the look you're going for, you can save a lot of money by shaving your head on your own...and this Hair Clipper can help you do it effectively. 
The clippers have an easy grip for total control, precision trimmer for precise and easy contouring and finishing, and an extra strong motor for superior cutting results. Best of all, the clippers have a 180 degree rotating head so you are able to better reach those hard-to-reach spots. If you've ever shaved your head before, you can attest to how challenging it can be to shave the sides and the back of your head. This pivoting head makes a world of difference.