Men's Health Talks The Shave That Drives Them Wild

A recent article in Men's Health talks about "The Shave That Drives Her Wild." According to a study done by Northumbria University, women find stubble sexy. After the women were shown a series of photos, researchers concluded that "women rated light stubble as the most attractive, and said a man sporting it was the ideal romantic partner." 
Hold on a second there, Santa Claus - the key word there was "light" stubble, so don't go off and start letting your beard grow wild. For a perma-shadow, youll need a tool. We recommend the Philips Stubble Trimmer: It's the perfect 3-day beard. "For me, you have to have the perfect balance between rough and sleek. As long as you maintain that, youre going to have a winning situation," said Martial Vivot, owner of high-end salon in New York, Salon Pour Hommes.
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