Vancouver: Tone + Tighten With This Workout Program

Beach season is right around the corner! Can you imagine losing that unwanted belly fat in just 4 weeks? Dropping up to 8 pounds in one month?! As you know, our tagline is "Look Good, Feel Great" and we think West Coast Fitness does a great job of promoting this through their programs as well!

Personally, I've had a lot of success keeping in shape with Boot Camp and Athletic Circuit Training programs. You have accountability, encouragement, and variety - something that I lack when I'm working out alone. Bootcamps toning up, increasing their energy, improving their health and performance! 
Here's a word from Mike Dirks, who runs the bootcamp that I go to: 
"These programs are designed specifically to help you lose weight, lean out and get into top physical condition as quickly as possible. Our certified trainers have incorporated the most recent advances in exercise science to create a fitness program that will provide the following benefits to you..." 
- Exciting, dynamic, engaging sessions designed to keep you pumped and wanting more 
- Fully body, multi-joint, non-supported exercises to help maximize calorie burn and fat loss while at the same time improving co-ordination, core strength and agility 
- A team of trainers and recruits that place an emphasis on positive reinforcement keeping you focused on your goals and your successes 
- Specific nutrition education and accountability tools to help you manage your diet to maximize weight loss and performance 
- A strong network of strategic partners that will compliment your training to help you maximize your recovery and manage your stress levels" 
      Here's a testimonial from another person in the program: 
      "I was the kid in school who got picked last for everything and pretended to be sick so I didn't have to go to gym class. It took a long time for me to learn that fitness could actually be fun. Last fall I discovered the West Coast Fitness classes at Mount Pleasant Community Centre, and nine months in I am a total addict. The classes make me feel like a jock for the first time! Mike creates a fun, safe atmosphere where you can challenge yourself, learn, fail, and improve without worrying about the fact that you arent a perfect athlete. We sweat a lot and we laugh a lot too. My fitness is better than ever, both strength and cardio. I never feel like skipping class."
      For more information and to join in the next round, visit or call them at 778.997.1890. Hope to see you in class in July! PS: There are classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening so it's really easy to work it into your schedule.