The Beard Trend Affects Procter & Gambles Bottom Line

That Daily Mail heading definitely caught my attention! Of course here at MASC we've definitely noticed a huge trend with beards and the stubble-look over the last year and it's fascinating to see it quantified in Procter & Gamble's report. 

The company's chief financial officer Jon Moeller said that the growing popularity of the three-day stubble look in established markets such as America had hit sales of Gillette razors and shaving cream and Braun electric razors. 

Moeller hoped to take advantage of the growing trend for 'manscaping'. He told AFP: 'While the incidence of facial shaving is somewhat down, the incidence of body shaving is up, and we can take advantage of that and plan to do that as well.' 

Luckily at MASC, we now have quite an extensive beard care category that continues to grow. Products include Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner, Beard Cream, Beard Balm, Beard Oil, Beard Combs, Beard Trimmers and Mustache Wax. 

In addition, we also have Body Grooming products as well so you can keep your body hair under control. 
It's all about maintenance - for both your beard and your body!