GLEE's Darren Criss: His Morning Routine Features Four Products Available At MASC

Glee's Darren Criss recently shared his morning skincare and grooming routine with GQ Magazine and the routine featured four products that you can find at MASC. "I'm putting [makeup] on my face, dancing around sweating and getting oily, and it's all under HD cameras, which is probably the most unflattering thing you can do." 

Find out what products he uses (that are available at MASC) and why he likes them below!  
THE FACE: "Urth is a fantastic company, I use their face wash in the morning and before bed. It helps get off all the caked-on makeup we wear for the show. They also have this great antioxidant moisturizer with Vitamin E and other natural ingredients. There's no fragrance in it so, it doesn't have that fake manly scent." 

THE SHAVE: "All of us pushing 30 on the show still have to look like teens, so we're clean-shaven every day, which is terrible for your skin—you're just hacking up your face. I'll exfoliate first... and then build up a lather with an Imperial bar of soap." 

THE BODY: "Men are the smelliest creatures—we need to give a shit about how we smell... And any sort of result-oriented grooming enthusiast should try the Shearers Soap from Triumph and Disaster. It's like bathing with a rock and mud, a very manly experience." 
I wonder if he sings while he's getting ready... Thanks for sharing your routine, Darren!