Beard & Stubble Maintenance 101

As you've probably noticed, over the past few years beards and the "3-day beard" scruffy look have become increasingly popular. Maintaining a well-groomed beard or a maintained scruff/stubble can really change your appearance and give you a whole new look that will definitely have people taking notice. 

Growing a beard comes with new challenges and awkward stages you might not be familiar or comfortable with at first. Pushing through the initial awkward "no, I didn't forget to shave" stage can be the toughest part. I know for me personally, I would always end up shaving it off just as it was turning into something I could keep and then I'd have to start all over again. I started keeping a short beard a few months ago and haven't looked back since. I've really enjoyed the new look and for me has given me more of a mature look that I'm digging at the moment. 

With that said, having a beard doesn't mean you should let your facial hair grow wild. Regular grooming and trimming is necessary to still maintain a professional and "well-groomed" image. Here are some tips and solutions that you can incorporate into your routine: 

You should invest in a good beard trimmer that has multiple settings so that you can achieve and maintain the desired length that works for you. At first, I used the trimmer at the shorter settings (1, 2, or 3) but then I as became more comfortable with having facial hair, I have since moved up to the 6 or 7 range. Every couple days I'll use the trimmer to keep the beard hairs at the same length, as each hair obviously grows at a different pace. You can find some great options for trimmers here

Beard Care

As your beard gets longer, you may benefit from using a good beard wash and beard conditioner to keep the area clean and moisturized as well as the beard feeling as soft and fresh as possible. A leave in beard conditioner, beard balm, or beard oil will also help with controlling the beard and keeping it soft throughout the day. For longer beards, a beard comb will likely be beneficial as well. You can find the selection of products available here

The Finishing Touches

As your beard grows longer, you may find that there are some hairs that are difficult to reach around the lip area. Using a small pair of grooming scissors can be useful for this area. In addition, you'll still need to use your razor to maintain the outer lines of your beard to keep the shape that you desire. This is the cheek area and the lower neck line.