New Self Tanner "Glow Pads" With Anti-Aging Benefits

In this Masc Minute, Jamie talks to you about the new Alpha Beta® "Glow Pads" from Dr. Dennis Gross. Essentially, it is an Anti-Aging Exfoliating Self-Tanner with Active Vitamin D - amazing, huh? The best part is that it works. I have personally used it several times and after one use, the very same day, people were commenting on the fact that I looked like I had just got back from vacation and that I had an amazing tan. 
Many loyal customers of Masc have also tried the product and loved it! It's easy to use, effective, extremely portable, and packed with so many additional benefits in addition to the "vacation-in-a-towelette" concept. It's a quick, and safe way to get a tan/nice glow. 
 You can get a 20-day supply here.