How to Take Care of Yourself and Thrive Now and in the Future

It’s been quite a year plus, so if you’re feeling tired, stressed or just not really like yourself right now, know that you’re not alone. Those feelings are normal when things have been so turbulent and while you can’t control what’s going on in the world, you can take control of your health and happiness by taking better care of yourself. MASC wants you to be happy and healthy, so explore the tips below.

Boost Your Health and Wellness With Diet

Constant stress can take a toll on the way you look and feel. In fact, The American Institute of Stress explains that any time you experience chronic stress, some pretty unusual things can happen in your body. Digestive symptoms are common, but you can even begin to lose your hair! Not to mention stress can cause you to feel more pain and can leave you more vulnerable to illnesses.

If you’ve been feeling more stressed lately, the pandemic could be mostly to blame, but you could also be making things worse with your food choices. While tension may make you want to reach for a bag of chips or a bowl of ice cream, those nutrition-poor choices can make you feel even more stressed. So instead, try nourishing your body with whole grains, veggies, fruits and plenty of lean protein. In fact, high-protein snacks can curb cravings and stress.

Having a hard time making these healthy diet choices in between remote work tasks and other home responsibilities? Keep a few delicious and nutritious protein sources stocked in your pantry, including all-natural shakes, supplements and drinks. Protein shakes are a great option for snacks or even a quick meal, plus added vitamins and nutrients will provide a big boost for your immune system and your digestive system. Of course, there are other options available if you need to keep protein snacks on hand.

Don’t Forget to Care for Your Teeth

For many people, oral health is something they handle in the morning and at night — and then they forget about it. However, developing a good routine that you can stick to on a regular basis is beyond important for both your physical and mental well-being.

That said, sometimes you need to take things a step further to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. For instance, if you suffer from misaligned teeth, you may need to take steps to correct the problem to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy. At-home options are available that can help you correct this problem without the need to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Effective options like Byte can give you results in about three months, whereas Invisalign requires trips to the dentist and takes 12 to 18 months to offer results. It’s important to read reviews beforehand to ensure you find one that suits you.

Balance Your Routines and Life at Home

Do all that you can to keep the energy in your home positive and stress-free. There are certain crystals, including selenite, that can help you clear out any negative energies that may be causing issues in your home. You can even use selenite to transform your personal energy and boost your intuition and emotional awareness.

You can also create more relaxation and comfort at home with some cozy new loungewear. You can shop for other comfortable and affordable options as well, including activewear that you can wear at home or on the go, if you need to get out for some exercise or to pick up essentials.

You could also wear your new activewear during at-home workouts, which can also help keep you looking and feeling your absolute best. You can also order budget-friendly exercise equipment online to boost your home fitness routine. A simple jump rope or some resistance bands could be just the ticket!

Protect and Heal Yourself With Safe Practices

No health and wellness guide is complete these days without a few tips for protecting yourself from COVID-19. Your safest bet for reducing your risk of being infected by this dangerous virus is to get vaccinated and follow all current public health guidelines.

Self-care is so important right now, so make the changes you need to your diet, exercise, home and health routines to stay strong. After some time, you should start feeling like yourself again and you may even begin to look and feel even better.

Photo Credit: Pexels