Solid State Cologne - Haze (12g) | Mens Skincare & Grooming
Solid State Cologne - Haze (12g)

Solid State Cologne - Haze (12g)

Price: $70.00

Waxed based fragrances that apply easily and last up to four times longer than spray colognes. Solid State also takes the natural approach to men's colognes:

  • Botanical Extracts - 100% locally sourced raw ingredients
  • Premium Essential Oils - sourced locally 
  • Sulphate Free (sls) - free of harsh chemicals 
  • Preservative Free - no water means no preservatives
  • Australian made - made in Melbourne 
Citrus. Bergamot. Mountain Pine.
Some men like to go fishing. Other men like to live in mountain woodlands, wrestle brown bears, climb cliff faces and sleep on a bed of fresh pine needles. This smells like that.
  • Top Notes: Italian Lemon, Pine, Bergamot 
  • Heart Notes: Virginian Cedar wood, Geranium 
  • Base Notes:  Patchouli, Incense