Razorpit Teneo (Colour Options)
Razorpit Teneo (Colour Options) Razorpit Teneo (Colour Options)

Razorpit Teneo (Colour Options)

Price: $39.00
Sharpen your razor blades and save money!

The RazorPit Teneo uses patented friction technology to clean and sharpen your razor blades. On average users get 6 times the number of shaves compared to not using the RazorPit - that's up to 150 shaves with one razor blade! The RazorPit Teneo also features a new and improved softer surface that provides closer contact with the razor blade for a better sharpening process.

The RazorPit Teneo also includes:

- a stand that holds your razor in a vertical position to avoid contact with water on the edge of the blade, which causes causes corrosion, and hence dullness
- storage space for up to 4 blades

  • To clean your razor, apply a layer of shaving foam on the horizontal surface mat of Razorpit
  • Press the blade of the razor itself down with a constant pressure onto the mat
  • Push the razor along the mat against the shaving direction while maintaining downward pressure. This will ensure contact between the mat and the razorblades, thereby cleansing the dirt and residue from the edges
  • Push the razor over the mat 3 or 4 times
  • Rinse both Razorpit and razor under running water, and place the razor in the Razorpit
  • This quick and easy procedure will remove the residue and particles left on the fine edge of the blade after each shave, and all without damaging the blade itself.
Notes: The best result will be reached, when the soft surface of your Razorpit is completely dry before the shaving-foam or gel is applied. If a gel is used as opposed to foam, this must be massaged into a foam before commencing the cleaning process.

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