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NIOD Masque Collection

NIOD Masque Collection

Price: $159.00

NIOD Masque Collection 

  • Voicemail Masque (50ml): A nighttime leave-on masque treatment that fights many of the signs associated with impaired cellular communication. The result is skin that looks healthy, well-rested, bright and uniform from the very first use.
  • Flavanone Mud (50ml): A three-phase rinse-off decongestion system that disrupts neither the skin surface equilibrium nor its density. The three phases are Purifying, Protective, and Responsive.
  • Myrrh Clay (50ml): a treatment masque that visibly firms the skin, borrowing from a triangle of Ayurvedic, Unani and traditional Chinese studies of medicine. Myrrh Clay offers an instant and visible tightening of the skin .
  • Mastic Must (90ml): MM is a transparent masque for efficient, yet innocuous, cleaning and visible refinement of pores and impurities, resulting in immediate and maintainable visible reduction in both the number and the size of pores. (Note: It is not possible to modify the genetically-determined number or size of pores as apparent in optimal skin condition. However, pores do become more apparent in number and size with ageing and environmental exposure. MM works to restore the appearance of pores to an ideal state, within individual genetic limits.)

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