NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (15ml)

NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate (15ml)

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A hyper-concentrated bio-serum for the eye contour, FECC combines 28 clinical technologies to target all aspects of under-eye and above-eye aging in one treatment—borrowing from advanced biotechnology, polyphenol technology, next-generation cyclic peptide technologies, marine science and modern drone delivery mechanics. This single treatment is able to target visible aging (both upper eyelids and lower eyelids) including dynamic lines, static lines, fine superficial under-eye lines (those not targeted by SNARE-target injections), loss of elasticity (especially upper-eyelids), dark circles, puffiness and textural unevenness with positive visible results starting within 3 days and improving into 8 weeks. FECC contains 28 complex approaches to fight visible aging of the eye contour. This abstract highlights the most novel of these approaches. 


Fibroblast Drone—for HA Production

Perhaps the most advanced skin health technology available, this suspension contains extraordinary capsules that secure a HA-expression stimulating peptide within a polymer core that is surrounded by a Heptapeptide to specifically bind to fibroblast targets before release, exponentiating targeted delivery and effectiveness to levels previously impossible. No technology today delivers the visible wrinkle filling activity of this truly complex pathway through increased HA production from within the skin.

Bio-Yeast HA Pre-Cursor 

Contains oligomers of acetylated glucuronic acids derived from biofermentation. Offers a 90.5% increase in natural hyaluronan synthesis and a 359% increase in production of fibroblasts.

Methyl-Glucoside-6-Phosphate (MG6P)

Perhaps one of the most advanced peptide complex technologies of today, this single active improves collagen I content by 179%, collagen III content by 194% and elastin synthesis by 190%—all in 11 days, resulting in improved firmness, density and elasticity in a shortest-ever possible time.

Enzyme-Reacted Glucosamine Amide HA Pre-Cursor 

Highly complex compound is derived by enzymatic phosphorylation of N-acetyl-glucosamine through a green chemistry process. Induces fibroblast regeneration by 120% and increases hyaluronan synthesis by 282% in 48 hours.

Full-Spectrum Fractions of Nature-Identical Hyaluronic Acid

Not to be mistaken for any form of hyaluronic acid—low- or high- molecular weight—these two forms of actual fractions of hyaluronic acid—not salts of hyaluronic acid used in nearly every topical HA product for a different purpose—these two technologies offer both short- and long-term visible filling of wrinkles, skin elasticity and HA production stimulation, while triggering a sudden surge of antioxidant activity within the skin as a positive side effect.

Darutoside Complex 
A plant-technology bio-derivative offers improvement in both upper- and lower-eyelid elasticity while reducing the visible folds in the upper eyelids specifically—an area previously not targeted by topical technologies. 

Other Technologies in This Category: 

Third-generation Matrixyl peptide for enhanced collagen production, Persian Silk Tree bio-technology for dermal structure strength. 


Neuron Drone—For Small-Twitch Contractions

This second drone technology encapsulates the well-studied Palmitoyl Hexapeptide, highly-effective against expression lines, within a polymer layer that is then surrounded by a Palmitoyl Heptapeptide to behave like a drone for specific binding to skin neurons, increasing anti-contraction activity by a factor of 10 times purely as a result of reduced peptide wastage offered by this specific targeting mechanism.

SNAP-25 Pentapeptide-18 Complex

The next-generation of the famed technology, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (commonly known as Argireline), extends this peptide with a novel Pentapeptide-18 to decrease neuronal excitability and dramatically reduce the signs of expression lines developed by extensive small-twitch muscle contractions, offering a 100% further efficacy index over Argireline alone.

Novel Arginine-Sustained Acetyl-Hexapeptide-30

This modern peptide is the first-ever to fight visible expression lines through the very specific and unique post-synaptic mechanism by blocking muscle-specific kinase activation and disallowing neurotransmitter clustering—working with traditional topical approaches against expression lines for a truly maximized effect. 

Other Technologies in This Category: Conotoxin neurotoxic mimetic based on snail venom function, Walgerin-1 tripeptide anti-contraction technology based on snake venom function—both potent and selective blockers of the voltage-gated sodium channel. 

Marigold/Yeast Ferment Bio-Complex

Both a microcirculation booster and a skin tolerance builder—two effects previously thought as incompatible forces—this biotechnology has shown up to a 94% positive response and targets both dark circles and below-surface sensitivity. 

Bio-Tech Superoxide Dismutase Hydrolyzed Peptide Complex

Stimulating capillary circulation and fibroblast proliferation in a single action, this biotechnology SOD complex balances—instead of an unmeasured increase—circulatory mechanisms by controlling elongated coagulation, resulting in reduced visible dark circles. The indirect inclusion of SOD, the body's own most important antioxidant mechanism, in a first-ever stable form, reduces ongoing oxidative stress while protecting collagen and elastin matrices.

Oleuropein Zinc Salt Bio Complex

It was until recently thought that inefficient circulatory mechanisms around the eyes are the only cause of dark circles—other than the shadows created by hollowness defined by bone and fat structures. However, it has now been shown that imbalanced melanin formation also contributes to dark circles. To address this issue, typical skin-lightening technologies cannot be used since the objective is to balance and even the pigmentation and not lighten the skin just under the eye areas on a continuing basis. This superb polyphenol complex reduces the formation of the cellular waste product, lipofuscin, known as the aging pigment, to rebalance skin pigmentation to its natural state. This approach does not target melanocyte function or melanin directly, allowing ongoing use without possibility of unintended spot lightening. 

Other Technologies in This Category: Propyl Gallate, Gallyl Glucoside, Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside—target both dark circles and redness through a complex mechanism interacting with these biological targets: Interleukin 8, Heme oxygenase 1. 


Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme (ACE) Target Tetrapeptide

A complex peptide system, this technology reduces visible under-eye puffiness within 15 days through an anti-hypertensive effect via inhibition of ACE.

Silanetriol-Delivery Vitamin F Complex 

Fast-acting plant-silicone-delivery technology decreases the permeability of blood vessels to reduce visible puffiness and, as a positive side effect, reduces colouration under the eyes. 

Algae-Harvested Sulphated Polysaccharides

One of the most advanced form of marine technology today, this complex is an inhibitor of VEGF & PGE2, MMP-2 and Angiogenesis. It sustains microcapillary integrity, improves resiliency and reduces visible puffiness simultaneously through shared mechanisms of action.

Other Technologies in This Category: Niacinamide, Fraxinus Excelsior Bark Extract to prevent natural resistance to rapid drainage—the body's natural mechanisms to keep swelling for longer periods.

Hyaluronic Acid Oligomer 

Truly a most unique approach that uses a form of hyaluronic acid—which is ordinarily used to lubricate the skin—instead conditioned to cause skin regeneration without the inflammation and irritation associated with low-pH acids and other forms of peeling. (Side note: one of the very unique side observations about this technology is that its stability is entirely from its extremely small size that disallows outside interaction with it.)

DIRECTIONS: Apply in the eye area, including upper eyelids, both AM and PM.
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Works Well

The Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate is a great product. I have not really used eye creams, but this is very light, and absorbs quickly. I wish I could articulate why I like the serum as much as I do. The moisture is great, my under eyes look better. NIOD as a brand though, is a bit heavy on the hyperbole in their descriptions.

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