Nanogen Aquamatch (2x3.94g)
Nanogen Aquamatch (2x3.94g) Nanogen Aquamatch (2x3.94g)

Nanogen Aquamatch (2x3.94g)

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Easy to apply, discreet and lasts all day.
Aquamatch concealer safely blends scalp and hair colour together to conceal areas or thinning hair, and uniquely delivers treatment actives. Aquamatch is applied very precisely and therefore will conceal thinning close to your hairline, or in small areas such as scars, yet still look completely natural when blended in. Aquamatch is designed for active lifestyles, it is highly portable and you do not need to mix it with water or fiddle with a messy applicator. Aquamatch packaging is discreet and makes no mention of hair camouflage at all.

Water Resistant
Aquamatch can be blended in for up to 10 minutes after application. After this time Aquamatch "dries" to become water resistant, and will not rinse off even when completely immersed in water. 

100% Safe for Male and Female Thinning Hair
Not only is Aquamatch safe to use on your hair and skin every day, it has been designed specifically to deliver beneficial treatment actives directly to the skin. Nanogen's unique formula also allows hair to grow completely normally and does not affect the penetration of Minoxidil or any other topical treatment. Every Nanogen product is formulated specifically to be gentle on male and female thinning hair whilst maintaining efficacy.

Key Ingredients:

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto berries contain lipids that can reduce hair loss. Nanogen use an extract of saw palmetto with a high lipid content, and Aquamatch contains this to deliver beneficial saw palmetto to the skin throughout the day. Aquamatch is not a stand-alone treatment, but may help reduce hair loss in combination with other treatments.
"Breatheable" Formula
Aquamatch is specially formulated to be water-resistant, but to allow hair to grow completely normally, and air to reach the skin. Aquamatch is completely compatible with topical treatments, but these may penetrate more slowly through Aquamatch and so it is recommended to wash it off before using treatments, and reapply afterwards.
Water Resistance
Aquamatch has a unique blend of pigment retaining oils which will not rinse off, even underwater. Aquamatch also uses patent-pending technology.
Aquamatch is safe and free from: 
These common surfactants are very harsh and drying to hair. They can also leave skin dry, irritated and block pores causing folliculitis when left on for long periods of time, such as with Aquamatch.
Many people worry about the group of preservatives called parabens. Nanogen do not believe these are harmful, but appreciate its client's concerns and so all our products are paraben free.
Glycols such as propylene glycol are common preservatives and solvents. These can be pore-blocking and irritating, and so no Nanogen products contains any form of glycol.
Formaldehyde Donors
Many common preservatives in cosmetics are formaldehyde donors. These are not dangerous, but formaldehyde will damage skin and growing hair cells, so no Nanogen product contains them.

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Excellent product

Excellent product that you can combine with hair fibres for better results! It makes a huge difference!

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