Morris Motley Chrome (100g)

Morris Motley Chrome (100g)

Price: $50.00

Firm. Shine.

Shine. One of the most feared words in mens grooming. Heat from your scalp plays a major role in the destruction of traditional wax based products resulting in heavy, greasy hair. 

Developed in-house, Morris Motley's exclusive dry oil formulation contains Australian clays that continually fight off grease and re-absorb excess moisture throughout the day. 

Chrome is an alteration on their world famous Treatment Styling Balm. It has a firmer more pliable hold, especially on coarse thick hair. Where Chrome really raises the bar is the versatility of the sheen that can be achieved in the hair.

The thick creme like texture gives the user the option to layer the product to achieve the desired amount of shine. A small amount will add pliability and a very faint natural sheen, a few more scoops and the hair will resemble Chrome.

Chrome washes out with only water and you’ll be surprised to see how amazing your hair feels after washing the product out...

  • Weightless shine texture
  • Pliable hold
  • Water soluble 
  • Controls thick hair