Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options
Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options

Kiwabi Root Vanish by Kazumi (20g) - Options

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Root Vanish is a luxuriously light, all-weather, everyday solution to instantly touch up grey hairs,  roots, beards, moustaches, and sideburns with just one click and swipe. 

Colours: Black/Dark Brown/Light Brown/Blonde/Copper 
1. Water/Sweat Resistant: Root Vanish is more restraint to water than all other types of temporary and instant grey coverage product types. Sweat, humidity and light rain proof (given reasonable boundaries). 

2. Styling Products & Restyling Proof:
Once Root Vanish is dry, hair can be treated as if there is nothing on it. Clients can use whatever styling products they usually use and they can play with their hair styles throughout the day without worrying about the colour flaking or transferring onto hands or clothes. 

3. No Transferring, No Flaking:
Most all other temporary grey coverage options come off when you rub
or sweep your fingers through the area where the product is applied. Once dry, Root Vanish does not transfer onto the fingers, clothes and even pillowcase. 

4. Perfect For Travel:
The pressurized click pump applicator with the perfectly sized / textured brush makes for easy, on-the-go application and leak-proof travel. Perfect for guys to throw in their gym bag for an immediate cover-up or to use when on business trips or vacations. 

5. Multi-Use:
Ideal to not only cover greys on the head, but also beards, moustache and sideburns

6. Versatile:
Root Vanish can be applied to damp or dry hair. Allow to air dry (approximately 6 minutes) or blow dry. Can be used before or after styling. 

7. Nourishing:
Powder based grey coverage products dries out the roots, scalp and the hair. Root Vanish has ingredients that actually hydrate and nourish the hair follicles and scalp so that hair is healthy. 

8. No Need To Wash Out Before Colouring:
Temporary grey coverage that is powder based, mascara types and even aerosol type sprays are all a pain to wash out for colourists / salons to wash out if clients come in with it on. Unlike these powders and sprays, Root Vanish Colouring Brush does not have to be washed out, colourists can colour right on top of it. 

9.  Natural, Beautiful Look & Touch:
Root Vanish’s unique gel formula leaves no residue, no build up, no stickiness and no crustiness. Once it dries, the hair feels soft, conditioned, as if you have nothing on. Fragrance-free, irritant-free, paraben- and silicone-free and formulated so it is gentle even on sensitive skin. 

10. Hair Treatment:
Root Vanish is not only temporary grey coverage but also a hair treatment. The 22 botanical ingredients such as Extracts of Japanese Black Seaweed, Ginseng Root, Yuzu Citrus, Lavender, Japonica Swertia Flower, etc. are all ingredients researched and shown to have healing and age- preventative benefits. 

11. Building The Colour:
Once dry, clients can re-apply and layer Root Vanish in order to achieve a deeper, darker shade.

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