Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum (15ml)

Hylamide SubQ Eyes Advanced Serum (15ml)

Price: $35.00
For immediate and longer-term visible correction of under-eye aging, puffiness and dark circles. High-strength serum concentrate uses a wide array of peptides, plant saccharides and active technologies to rehydrate the fragile eye area below and above the surface, while targeted technologies visibly improve fine lines, crow's feet, puffiness and dark circles. Offers results immediately, within days and within weeks. 


  • Clinically-advanced serum to target multiple aspects of under-eye aging at once. 
    • Contains a Flavanoid Glucoside Bio-active to reduce visible darkness under the eyes 
    • Contains a Darutoside complex for a lifted upper lid appearance and reduced visible sagginess
    • Contains a Waglerin-1 Peptide Complex shown to reduce the look of dynamic lines around the eyes
  • Nonapeptide-3 Retino-Complex - A novel technology that promotes better visible anti-aging results than Retinol with less irritation
  • Fluorinated Perfluorocarbon Complex - An extraordinary technology that offers visible tightening of the under-eye area both immediately and in the longer term

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