Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Hatteras (.2oz) | Mens Skincare & Grooming
Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Hatteras (.2oz)

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - Hatteras (.2oz)

Price: $50.00

Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne is a highly-concentrated wax-based fragrance that is long-lasting and steady wearing. Its rugged, shatterproof design can go anywhere, from your gym bag to your pocket. Built for the way men operate. 



"CLASSIC" - Fresh & green with light spice.

This cologne gets its name from Hatteras Island, a long thin island that stretches for nearly 50 miles. Known as a sports paradise, the island is home to gorgeous beaches, and its marlin-filled waters are perfect for sport fishing. Windsurfing and kite boarding are also popular pastimes on Hatteras. This lively location feels American to its core, and it’s why they chose to name their classic and sporty fragrance in its honour.