Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Triple C Peptide Firming Oil (30ml)

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Triple C Peptide Firming Oil (30ml)

Price: $75.00
What Is It?
Complexion-brightening, skin-strengthening oil. Combining three forms of vitamin C with an innovative chain of peptides for smart defense against skin aging. Dr. Dennis Gross' newest scientific cocktail harnesses the power of water and lipid-loving molecules in a nutrient-rich replenishing oil that protects both the water and lipid phases of your cells and bridges communication between skin’s vital components to aid its own repair functions. Dehydrated, weak skin is quenched, renewed and fortified – transforming a dull, wrinkled, uneven complexion into a radiant, firm, age-defying appearance.

Who Is It For?
Anyone experiencing loss of elasticity due to age, stress, or environmental factors, who wants to help firm and lift the appearance of their skin while providing it with the nutrition it needs to feel comfortable, nourished, and revived.

Why Is It Different?
1) Innovative technology infuses water- and lipid-based anti-aging actives in a nutrient rich oil designed to rebuild collagen and communicate between cells to help skin repair and protect itself.
2) Bio-identical actives including squalane, phospholipids, and ceramides replenish skin’s surface layer and restore its natural moisture barrier to prevent water loss and environmental damage – leaving skin plump, supple, and silky.
3) Essential fatty acids, 17 nutrient-rich botanicals, and vitamins D & K breathe life into dry, nutrient depleted skin while enhancing elasticity for a radiant complexion that instantly snaps back into shape.

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