Browns Beard Balm - Grow Wild (60ml)

Browns Beard Balm - Grow Wild (60ml)

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All beard balms are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Only high quality, all natural ingredients have been used, chosen specifically for their softening, strengthening and antibacterial properties. With regular use, Browns balms can help your beard grow stronger and longer while reducing dandruff. 

All scents are masculine yet subtle, fragrant upon application and slowly dissipating over the next few hours.
  • Grow Wild: An earthy, woodsy aroma, with herbaceous notes of rosemary and the lightest trace of Lavender.
The beard balms have all the moisturizing agents of the beard oils, with added shea butter and candelilla wax to provide a little extra control. Balms are great for beards that are prone to frizziness and they also help keep sideburns and moustaches well groomed. This is not a beard wax. It will not leave the beard stiff or sticky and it does wash out easily. This is not a product intended to hold shape as moustache waxes do. 

*Certified Organic & Vegan

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