Brickell Fresh Mint Deodorant (75g)

Brickell Fresh Mint Deodorant (75g)

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Take away any stress about body odor from here on out. This long lasting men's deodorant keeps you smelling fresh throughout your busy day. Free of baking soda, aluminum, and alcohols. 

What It Does: This all natural deodorant for men keeps you smelling great from sunrise to sunset – even on your longest days. Natural odor blockers absorb sweat and stench, while shea butter and vitamin E soothes the sensitive skin under your arm.

How It Works:

  • Coconut Oil & Vitamin E nourishes and calms under arm skin while cleansing toxins from the pores
  • Arrowroot naturally fights off odor-causing bacteria under your arm
  • Shea Butter soothes the sensitive skin under your arm by providing deep moisture 


  • Absorbs odors and neutralizes them to keep you smelling fresh
  • Aluminum free, baking soda free, and alcohol free
  • Soothes and repairs skin that is damaged by sweat and movement
  • 100% natural

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