Blood Concept +MA Mini Drip Parfum Spray (30ml)

Blood Concept +MA Mini Drip Parfum Spray (30ml)

Price: $98.00

System: Clean and white. Like a comfortable Limbo. The secret place. A safe embrace. 

Without any of the metallic notes of the 0ABAB range. It’s a no scheme essay, extremely original but easy to wear. Childhood souvenirs and tidy laundry notes linger through its spreading time. A delicate explosion of white notes, known and unknown. 

The Name: + MA -> PLUS MA -> PLASMA

The Background: In these last years the world we live in is facing one of its bigger crisis. Old and new struggles mix with cultural earthquakes. This frantic era, based on abuses and confusion, is arriving at its point of no return. We all badly need a new start. No matter if you name it “Age of the Aquarius” or “Apocalypse”, a change is in the air. 

The Concept: BLOOD CONCEPT has created, reading the history of manhood and blood types evolution, a new olfactory lexicon. From pure instinct to mere reason, the way we are.  Now it suggests the way we will be, throwing an investigating eye after what people call the end of the world. Which scent will we wear in the new era we are about to step in? A haven from violence, an escape from outer threats.

The Idea: In the same way plasma is extracted from blood, we pull out all the visceral and dense mood BLOOD CONCEPT has been speaking about, to let a new whiter and ethereal identity take shape. Red fades into White without leaving a trace. This new atmosphere is the cradle of our new scent. Clean as pure air, fresh as clear sheets, this scent releases a safety sensation. Seduction is no more a matter of weapons. Love is no more a battlefield but a silky hug made of white linen.

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