Beardition Beard Shampoo (236ml)

Beardition Beard Shampoo (236ml)

Price: $20.00
An all natural(ly) awesome product. In need of a little bearditioning? This really good beard shampoo and even better conditioner is sure to enhance your beardliness.

A beard shampoo differs from a normal hair shampoo in that it is formulated for the more sensitive areas on one's face. All in all, it's a bit gentler. This shampoo has an aloe vera base, which greatly helps keep those areas hydrated and healthy. All of the Beardition products are 100% all natural and will help soften up your fuzzy face to keep it happy + healthy.

Key Ingredients:
Made from all natural ingredients including: Organic Aloe Leaf Extract, Vitamin E and Essential Oil, Essence of Cucumber and Mint fragrance. (female approved)

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