Beardition Beard Oil (60ml)

Beardition Beard Oil (60ml)

Price: $22.00
An all natural(ly) awesome product. The anti-frizz of the beard world. Tame those crazy fly-aways before you head out the door and on your way.

The "anti-frizz" of the beard world. Beardition's "soft + sweet" title we give it is no joke, as it will help to keep those crazy fly-aways in check. It also does wonders for that "new beard itch" if you're just starting out. And we know you want to do all in your power to prevent the horrid "beardruff" (yes, that is a real thing). 

So give this 100% all natural(ly) awesome soft + sweet beard oil a try if you're looking to sport a healthy, happy beard! Just a drop or two a day will do the trick.

Key Ingredients:
Made from all natural ingredients including: Coconut oil, Sunflower and Green Tea. Essence of Bamboo fragrance. (female approved)

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