Recipe For Men Is Finally Available In North America

We've wanted to bring Recipe For Men to MASC for years but unfortunately it was easier said than done. Now, we're thrilled to make this very unique range of products from Sweden available to our customers. 
Recipe For Men was developed in the harsh winters of Scandinavia which is an ideal testing area for skincare products due to the pure water that is available. They use a combination of natural ingredients coupled with the best that science has to offer. Aside from the product itself, the packaging is quite amazing as well. The boxes really stand out but the actual products have eartags on them, just as pharmaceutical grade products do in Sweden. They made the choice to have these because Recipe products are actually manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility and it also really makes them stand out. 
The line was created with three principles in mind:
  • Revitalize: They believe that protecting the skin involves more than just using an SPF. Good products and a good regiment will help protect against other environmental elements and pollution which really effects the skin. This in turn helps you look and feel young and healthy.
  • Fortify: They believe that a good skin care line for men should indeed have products that meet a man's needs. A combination of good ingredients and ease of application make Recipe a great choice.
  • Maintain: This is their idea that a skincare routine should be easy to follow and fuss-free. I couldn't agree more. Their regime is easy to follow and not complicated at all. 
Here's a little about each of the products. There is more in depth descriptions of each if you click on the hyperlinked title of the product. 
Facial Cleanser: This is a very deep-cleansing face wash that uses their patented combination of burnet, cinnamon, and ginger to help control sebum production and thus reducing pore size, and shine. It's non-drying as well and has cucumber to soften. 
Facial Scrub: The scrub also has their special sebum controlling system and uses rounded silica microspheres to help exfoliate without scratching the skin. 
Clear Shave Gel:  We've already received rave reviews for this product. It's a clear, non-foaming gel that allows you to see where your shaving, while really protecting your skin and allowing for a very smooth shave.
Anti-Shine Moisturizer: Many guys deal with shiny faces and for them, this is the perfect solution. The science behind the product is pretty amazing and it works like a charm. Click the link to learn more about it. 
Facial Moisturizer+: A deep hydrating moisturizer that also has some great antioxidants that help to protect your skin against the elements and pollution. 
SPF15 Facial Moisturizer:  This moisturizer is deeply hydrating and really helps to protect your skin from its harmful rays. 
Under Eye Gel: This gel uses caffeine to simulate circulation and minimize puffiness and dark circles. You might be tired, but you don't want others to know that right? Peptides and black tea help to soften, reduce dryness, and increase elasticity. 
Under Eye Patches: When  you've had a late night or long week, this is a great focussed treatment that uses aqua collagen to deeply hydrate and reduce puffiness. It also has Centella Asiatica, a herb native to Madagascar, to increase collagen synthesis and strengthen capillaries and veins to get rid of dark circles. They are easy to apply and I really felt and saw a difference after using them. 
Antiperspirant Deodorant: This is actually Recipe's best selling product in Europe. It's alcohol free so it doesn't stain your clothes, but most importantly... it works phenomenally. 
Give it a try!